The Fallibroome Academy’s 9th TEDxyouth@manchester conference was delivered with panache on the 8th November 2017. We continued our proud tradition of meeting the TED mission by presenting ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ to an enthusiastic audience of 6th formers from seven schools and a global audience via our livestream broadcast.

The TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference is a global phenomena and a rich source of inspirational talks, recorded at the annual TED conference in Vancouver and archived on the famous website. In 2009 TED approached The Fallibroome Academy to request we pilot the idea of local groups staging TED conferences, under license, with a particular focus on a youth audience. We duly devised and delivered the first TEDxyouth conference in the world and are now approaching our 10th anniversary!

This year’s conference included 6 guest speakers, three solo student talks and student reflections on the challenge of attending the London Youth Science Forum and the profound experience of visiting Auschwitz.

Our unifying theme of ‘Future Positive’ generated a range of fascinating ideas: from Maxine Mackintosh’s talk on how the analysis of big data is helping scientists understand dementia; to Megan Hine’s contention that the skills needed to survive in the wilderness can transfer to the pursuit of success in everyday life; to 6th form student Cecilia Funnell’s show stopping talk on living with autism.

The conference was enhanced by stunning performances by students from the Fallibroome Academy and Chethams’ Music School and a superbly curated selection of talks from the TED archive.

The programme can be viewed on the dedicated TEDx You Tube website and the website, both platforms contain talks from previous conferences and note the hundreds of thousands of viewings of ‘ideas worth spreading’, all from the Fallibroome stage.

My thanks go to the dedicated team of students and staff who produce the annual conference and to our speakers and performers for the gift of their talent and inspiration.

Peter Rubery
Executive Principal / CEO, The Fallibroome Trust