A large number of year 11 Fine Art students and some Sixth Formers spent the entire day 10am – 4pm in Art on a Saturday creating masterpieces.  The sheer dedication and commitment shown by the students sacrificing an entire day of leisure time to devote to art making was incredible.

Dr Smith and Miss Hodgkinson also supported the students throughout the day, providing materials, advice and guidance.  There was music on and a wonderful calm atmosphere.  Students clearly got a lot out of the experience and it hugely aided their potential attainment grades, as all work produced on the day will be assessed in their exam project.

This built on the success of the half term Wednesday Mr Vickers held in February half term where approximately 35 year 11 and A level students attended to enhance their exam work.

Holly Hudson who attended said:

“You were free to use any materials you wanted that you couldn’t access at home was great. Plus being able to spend the whole day focusing on just one subject was really productive”

Hannah Forrest who also participated said:

“I could get lots done, it was a really good day.  I appreciated Dr Smith coming in. It was nice having a relaxed atmosphere with music”

Miss Hodginkson said:

“I’m so impressed by the dedication and commitment of the students this was such a worthwhile day that Dr Smith willingly volunteered to lead.”