While Fallibroome has a well established record of producing outstanding A-Level results, we are particularly delighted with our outcomes this year. Our provisional analysis shows the following headline figures:

  • 12% of grades at A*
  • 36% at A*-A
  • 66% at A*-B
  • 89% A*-C
  • 100% at A*-E

A remarkable 26 students achieved at least 3 straight A grades or above.  Finn Chapman and James Wright achieved the remarkable achievement of A* grades in all their subjects, a particularly notable achievement given the increased demands of A levels.  The school is delighted to celebrate nearly 80% of students achieving their first choice university places, including Finn Chapman, James Wright, Dulcie Whadcock, Mae Eales and Francesca Sisson who achieved places at Cambridge or Oxford, Finn and James to read Engineering, Mae to read Medicine, Dulcie, Modern and Medieval Languages and Fran, PPE. Students have also gone on to study a wide range of other subjects, from physiotherapy to law, engineering and sports science, to teaching and music, with five students gaining competitive places to read medicine. Students also secured places at leading conservatoires and specialist colleges, including Verity Partington at LIPA, Holly Goodenough at Bird College of Dance, Music and Theatre Performance and Rachel Rhead at the Leeds College of Music.

Headteacher Francis Power said:

“This has been a fantastic year for Fallibroome! The headline attainment figures are extraordinarily strong, even by our own high standards. The individual achievements of our students are indicative of the huge amount of effort that they have put into preparing for these examinations and it is wonderful to see them being able to progress to the next stage of their lives successfully.  

We pride ourselves on our ability to help students to gain places at the most prestigious universities in the country, if this is where their interests and aspirations lie. We are consequently delighted to see that so many have done so again this year. At the same time, we are equally committed to students of all interests and aptitudes and we are very conscious of our responsibility to help every individual student to make strong progress throughout their A-Level studies here. Our current analysis suggests that our students have made stronger progress from GCSE to A-Level this year than at any time in the school’s history. This is a less obvious measure of our success in 2018, but it is one that will be hugely celebrated right across our school community in the weeks and months ahead.

Finally, I would like to pass on my congratulations to all of our A-Level students. At a time when A-Level courses and examinations have been subject to significant change, our students have risen to this challenge brilliantly. They leave with our grateful thanks for their contribution to Fallibroome and our best wishes for the future.”

Mark Payne, the Director of Sixth Form commented:

“I am very proud of this year group’s achievements, a remarkable group of young people who have been a delight to work with. They worked extremely hard and battled successfully with the significantly increased demands of the new A level courses. They have achieved some highly sought after places at prestigious universities. I am also delighted with those students who have achieved places on the developing but competitive apprenticeship programme, including Oli Chilton who is joining KPMG, Ed Hope is joining IBM, Ryan Whittaker is joining AstraZeneca and Alex Wild is joining Turner and Townsend.  The whole year group have given a great deal to Fallibroome and I wish them every success in the future.”

Fallibroome Trust CEO, Peter Rubery added:

“We share the pride and excitement of our students as they receive results they deserve today. Each and every student, and their teachers, has contributed to record breaking collective success that will open up significant opportunities in the future. As they embark on the next phase of their lives they leave with our best wishes and thanks for their significant contribution to school life over the past few years.’’

Sixth Form Results 2018

26 students achieved the remarkable outcome of 3 A*/As or more, including the following:

  • Cartwright, Adam A*AA
  • Chapman, Finn A*A*A*A*
  • Clark, Rosemary AAAA
  • Dix, Jacob A*A*A
  • Eales, Mae A*A*AB
  • Floto, Theresa AAA
  • Fretwell, Joseph A*A*A*A
  • Gold, Benjamin AAA
  • Harley, Oscar AAAB
  • Luckman, Oliver A*A*A
  • Marshall-Chaplin, Daisy A*AAA
  • Massie, Freya A*A*A
  • Matthews, Charlotte A*AA
  • Mercer, Matthew A*A*A
  • Montgomery, Ciara A*AA
  • Salt, Daniel AAA
  • Simpson, Harry A*AA
  • Sisson, Francesca A*A*AA
  • Smith, Dylan A*AA
  • Swallow, Patrick A*AA
  • Thomas, Madeline A*AA
  • Walters, Carys A*AAA
  • Whadcock, Dulcie A*A*A
  • Wright, James A*A*A*

A Level Results 2018

M Ahmed 3(1); O Aitchison 3(2); E Akers Smith 3(2); J Allen 3; R Allgood 3(2); S Ashton 3; S Bajwa 3(2); E Banks 3(2); G Barnett 3(2); M Bigley 3(2); E Blakemore 3(1); C Candlish 3; A Cartwright 3(2); E Cawley 3; F Chapman 4(1); O Chilton 3(2); R Clark 4(1); D Connolly 2(2); I Cottrill 3(1); M Culley 3(2); K Dale 3(2); J Dix 3(2); J Dixon 2(1); J Duncan 3(1); M Eales 4(1); L Ellen 3(2); M Ellison 3(1); F Faulkner 3(2); B Fine 3(1); M Florence 4(1); T Floto 3(1); P Formby 3(1); S French 3(2); J Fretwell 4(1); C Funnell 2(2); B Gold 3(2); H Goodenough 3(1); H Gurney 4(1); O Hale 3(2); E Hall 4; H Hallett-Parr 2; M Harding 3(1); O Harley 4(1); S Hilton-Watts 3(2); A Hine 3(2); J Hodgson 3; E Hope 3; R Irfan 3; G Johnson 2; C Jordan 3(2); H Jordan 2; A Kemp 3(2); L Ketel 3(1); F Keyworth 3(1); G Kinder 3(2); S Lawson 3(2); C Lax 3(2); T Leak 3(2); J Lee 4(1); A Leonard 3; T Losa 3(2); O Luckman 3(2); E Lyons 3(2); D Marshall-Chaplin 4(1); F Massie 3(2); C Matthews 3(2); M Mercer 3(2); J Miller 3(1); C Montgomery 3(2); S Moore 3(2); R Morley 3(2); A Morris 3(2); T Mortishire-Smith 3(1); K Murray 3(1); A Naden 3(2); C Nelson 3(2); L Nelson 3(1); M Nelson 3(2); E O’Keefe 3(2); V Partington 3(2); C Power 3(1); W Prescott 3(2); H Preston 3(2); S Rae 4(1); C Rattue 3(2); V Richardson 3(2); L Ridgway 4(1); O Roberts 2(1); E Robertson 3(1); J Rutley 3(1); L Saint 3(2); D Salt 3(2); H Simpson 3(1); F Sisson 4(1); D Smith 3(2); G Smith 3; M Styth 3(2); P Swallow 3(2); H Thomas 3(2); L Thomas 3(1); M Thomas 3(2); G Thomason 4(1); J Thorpe 3(2); H Toole 3(1); A Towne 3(2); E Walsh 3(1); C Walters 4; E Warren 3(2); M Wesley 3(1); D Whadcock 3(2); R Whittaker 4; A Wild 3(1); L Wilkinson 3(1); G Williams 3(2); A Wolski 3(2); E Wright 3; J Wright 3(1); P Wyer 3(1).