The Fallibroome Academy is built on values of Trust, Respect and Optimism and a commitment to creating the conditions for effective learning and personal growth.

Our commitment to excellence includes expectations of service and creativity.  We believe it is by serving the school and wider community and working together to find solutions to problems that our students will develop the skills and qualities they will need to succeed in the future.

We strive for continuous improvement and welcome external evaluation of our work and standards.  This sense of ambition ensures we are never complacent.

Our commitment to innovation, and research and membership of leading edge National and International networks means our students and staff have access to the resources and inspiration they need to reach their potential.

Above all Fallibroome is a happy and caring community.  Students and staff share a sense of pride in our collective achievements and a sense of belonging to something quite special.  Our academic, sporting, cultural and community achievements have been recognised by Parents, Ofsted, the DfE and other schools who often commend the positive ethos, strong values and commitment to the principles of a ‘whole education’ evident in everything we do.