Fallibroome Academy – A Place of Excellence

Fallibroome has a longstanding reputation as a centre of excellence, with our academic achievements placing us in the top rank of schools in England and Wales. We welcome students of all abilities and we have a proud record of supporting all students to reach their full potential. While the academic core of our curriculum is exceptionally strong, we are also very proud of the emphasis that we give to practical and creative pursuits. This is also reflected in the extraordinary breadth and variety that is evident in our extra-curricular programme. Whatever your interests or aptitudes, we are certain that there is something at Fallibroome for you.

We consider ‘student behaviour and wellbeing’ to be our most important school priority. As a result, we work very hard to ensure that every lesson is calm, respectful and hardworking and we protect these standards tirelessly. At the same time, we have an excellent team of pastoral staff that provides additional support and guidance for those students who need a little extra care and attention. By securing behaviour and wellbeing in this way, we can then focus on delivering first class teaching and learning; excellent examination outcomes; massive engagement in extra-curricular activities; and a positive, vibrant school community. Our success in this respect is probably best showcased by our ‘First Day at Fallibroome’ video, which went viral within days of its release and has been viewed and commented upon all over the world.

We are always open to visitors and would be happy to welcome you into school so that you can appreciate the special learning environment that exists here at Fallibroome. I hope that you choose to take up this offer and I look forward to working closely with you in future.

Mr F Power

Francis Power

Chief Executive Officer’s Message

The Fallibroome Multi-Academy Trust was established in 2014 with four schools and has subsequently grown to eight schools with an ambition to grow to ten by 2020.

Our aim is simple: to create the conditions for all our students to develop the combination of skills, qualities and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in the future. Our spirit of collaboration and systematic approach to development and research means we can attract the best teachers and support staff who want to work in a Trust driven by moral purpose and a commitment to continuous improvement.

It is my privilege to serve as the Fallibroome Trust’s CEO and lead an organisation that is committed to the following principles:

  • shared values of Trust, Respect and Optimism
  • highly effective pastoral systems that build the good relationships necessary for achievement
  • high expectations of academic progress
  • effective opportunities for the student voice to be heard and student leadership to be developed
  • effective partnerships with parents and local, national and international communities
  • high quality teaching and support by a dedicated and well-informed staff
  • modern, well maintained buildings and resources that enhance learning
  • a flexible curriculum offer that meets the needs of all students and includes a commitment to innovation.

Fallibroome Academy’s role as founder member of the Trust is crucial to our success. It’s my pleasure to support the school’s commitment to excellence and share the best practice that’s evident in all our schools so that all our children can succeed.

P W Rubery
Trust CEO

Peter Rubery

Fallibroome Academy School Information

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Fallibroome Academy School Information