Executive Principal’s Message

Peter RuberyFallibroome is a special place. We are in the privileged position of helping our young people achieve their potential and become active citizens and future leaders. Our status as an Outstanding National Teaching School and College of Performing Arts brings the resources required to meet the needs of all our students and provides extensive development opportunities for staff.

Our success is based on a commitment to personal growth and a desire to meet the needs of individual students. It is built on core values of trust, respect and optimism as well as a clear understanding of the conditions required for effective learning. We sustain our success because the following foundations are in place:

  • shared values
  • highly effective pastoral systems that build the good relationships necessary for achievement
  • high expectations of academic progress
  • effective opportunities for the student voice to be heard and student leadership to be developed
  • effective partnerships with parents and local, national and international communities
  • high quality teaching and support by a dedicated and well-informed staff
  • modern, well maintained buildings and resources that enhance learning
  • a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of all students and a commitment to innovation

Our commitment to ‘System Leadership’ has enabled us to create a Multi-Academy Trust with Nether Alderley Primary and the sponsorship of Broken Cross Primary and the Winsford Academy. In addition we have a special relationship with our seven partner primary schools with whom we created the Fallibroome Learning Community in order to ensure the provision of a high quality of education from ages 2-19.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are never satisfied and a systematic approach to development and research means we can attract the best teachers and support staff who want to create the exciting opportunities for students to succeed. We are a Pathfinder School for the Whole Education network and our drive for excellence will ensure that Fallibroome students have the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.

My role as Executive Principal and National Leader of Education includes a commitment to supporting other schools but Mr Power’s role as Fallibroome’s Head of School ensures we retain our commitment to excellence at home.

May I extend a warm invitation to visit the school and experience the ‘buzz’ of learning in this vibrant community. We hope you choose to join us and we look forward to working with you.

P W Rubery, Executive Principal

Headteacher’s Message

Francis PowerThe Fallibroome Academy is a high achieving, mixed comprehensive school, with an outstanding Sixth Form and a proud history of success. We enjoy an enviable local and national reputation as ‘a place for excellence’ and our achievements place us in the top rank of state schools in England and Wales. The vast majority of our Sixth Form students continue their education at university and each year several students choose to undertake exciting and worthwhile gap year experiences. We have a proud record of access to the UK’s most prestigious institutions, including Oxford and Cambridge. A significant number of students also take advantage of our well established vocational pathways which lead to further education and employment.

As Mr Rubery describes in his message, this record of success has led to us becoming increasingly involved in many national initiatives, including the provision of support to other schools. As ‘Headteacher’ it is my responsibility to ensure that this work does not distract us from our core purpose, namely serving the Fallibroome community and ensuring that future generations of our students continue to receive the same high quality experience as the cohorts that have gone before. This management model has been in place for several years now and is working very effectively. Our academic results are higher than ever and the quality of our sporting, artistic and community work goes from strength to strength.

Fallibroome’s reputation has been built over many years and the quality of our work has been confirmed by numerous external assessments and Ofsted reports. We attribute this success to many factors, but three are perhaps especially important. Firstly, we have invested heavily in the quality of our facilities and currently enjoy first rate provision across the entire site. Secondly, our teaching and support staff are outstanding and we commit significant resources to their professional development. Lastly, and most importantly, our students are eager to learn and proud of their school.

We are always open to visitors and would be happy to welcome you into school so you can appreciate the special learning atmosphere that exists here at Fallibroome. I hope that you choose to take up this offer and I look forward to working closely with you in the future.

Mr F Power, Headteacher

Fallibroome Academy School Information

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