The Fallibroome Academy operates an ‘in-house’ catering service and delivers a Healthy Eating Policy in accordance with Df E guidelines.

The canteen provides a variety of hot and cold snacks/meals, available for purchase at break and lunchtimes. A menu and pricelist can be found on the Fallibroome Academy website.

To support the catering provision, we use a biometric fingerprint recognition system. This involves a low resolution fingerprint scan. The data is then stored as an encrypted algorithm in number format: it is not a picture of the fingerprint, the data cannot be read by another system, nor is it transferable to any other database.

Once an account has been created, the student can access the canteen facilities at break and lunchtime using their scanned print, as long as their account is in credit, average spend per day is £3 to £4. Purchases cannot be made if there are no funds on the account.

Credit can be added to their account in one of three ways:

  • Payment via WisePay our online payment facility
  • Cheque posted in the letterbox at student services
  • Cash credited via the re value machines located at the Student Services Desk

For students entitled to free school meals, their account will be credited accordingly. Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to apply for, or renew, their entitlement through the Local Authority before their son/daughter starts at Fallibroome.

Current legislation requires written parental consent for the use of a pupil’s biometric data in school.

You are also advised that under the law, your child may not wish their fingerprint data to be used in this way and consequently may withdraw their own consent.

Any students who choose not to utilise the fingerprint recognition facility will be able to top up their accounts by using the WisePay system, or by cheque posted in the box at student services.
When purchasing food, these pupils will be able to verbally confirm their identity at the till and this will be checked against the school held pupil photograph before purchases may be made.

Further information, including Frequently Asked Questions, is available below.

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