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The Pastoral Support Centre is a new and exciting development for The Fallibroome Academy, which opened to its first cohort of students in September 2012.

The purpose of the Pastoral Support Centre is to provide two main functions:

  1. To offer support to a variety of vulnerable students, including ‘return to school’ students on a partial timetable, via the differing interventions available through the Pastoral Support Centre: the Inclusion Resource Centre (IRC), counselling, ‘Family Support’ type interventions and the Medical Room.
  2. To act as an intervention to avoid students being excluded either permanently or for a fixed period, through structured support offered in the teaching room, and to allow varying degrees of internal exclusion. Fixed term exclusion will still be used in more serious cases- eg violence/ damage etc

Fallibroome’s pastoral systems have consistently been recognised by many external agencies and Ofsted as outstanding, and this new development aims to maintain this record.

At Fallibroome, all students are given the opportunity to develop in the way and at the rate which is best suited to them. Students of all abilities learn to live with one another in a community built on values of Trust, Respect, Optimism, Creativity and Service. It is by this means that we aim to prepare our young people for the broader community to which they will belong on leaving school.

The Pastoral Support Centre has been created to assist in providing each child with the opportunity to realise his or her true potential. A core ‘family’ of students have been identified who it is felt would benefit from the additional personalised support the Pastoral Support Centre can offer.

The Fallibroome Academy is committed to maintaining high standards of morality and behaviour, and the Pastoral Support Centre has an integral role in helping the school to achieve this aim. The motto of the school is “PROSPICE” which means “Look Forward”. It is our objective to lead the children forward to a richer experience of life and to enable them to achieve the best of which they are capable. For this to happen, it is essential for parents and the school to co-operate and we hope, therefore, that a close and happy association will develop, strengthened by the Pastoral Support Centre.

Each student entering the school is put into a mixed ability form, the name of which comes from the school motto, ‘PROSPICE’. The Form Tutor, Learning Manager and Assistant Principal for Pastoral Care have specific responsibilities for the care and development of the students in their charge. Where students are deemed to need additional support, time spent in the Pastoral Support Centre can serve to assist with these established systems.