We are introducing the Fallibroome Alumni Association for the following reasons:

  1. An alumni association keeps a record of all the things our students have done since leaving Fallibroome.
  2. An alumni association keeps track of where everyone is, so if a gathering or reunion is to take place everyone can be contacted easily.
  3. As a member of the alumni you can draw on the "network" effect, being able to build business ties and hopefully connect with fellow alumni members.
  4. An alumni member is someone who appreciates what the school has provided for them, cares about the future of the school and is willing to help the future generations of students. Many people who spent their high school years at Fallibroome now have their own children going through the same experience at the Academy.
    • Providing Work Placements. You or your employer could help the school which is always looking for opportunities for their Year 10 and Sixth Form students who need to experience life in the real world of work through work experience.
    • Providing Motivational Placements. Some students in Years 10 and 11 benefit from a one/two day a week work placement. If you are in a company in the Macclesfield area and are able to offer such placements the effect on the student as well as the school and the company can be significant.
    • Providing Inspirational Life Journeys. Since leaving school many ex-Fallibroome students have done some quite amazing things. Sharing these success stories with students can be a real inspiration to them. The school is always on the lookout for ‘guest’ speakers to take part in assemblies and school events and as an ex-student your life story would have a much greater impact. You do not need to have a first class degree from Oxbridge to do this or indeed any degree. You might have found school quite difficult but, since leaving, have gone on to do all sorts of interesting things, either personally or professionally. Your experience could motivate our current students.
  5. Alumni members can help by:

By being an ex-student you are, by association, a member of the Alumni. What we need, however, is your information. The more information we have the better we can keep in contact, and the better you can keep in contact with each other. The information we gather will only be available to the Alumni Association and other members through the Alumni Association.

By signing up, you are not obliged to contribute but we would like the opportunity to share with you our achievements, invite you to school performances, alumni gatherings and events where you can network on a professional or personal level.

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