On Monday 18th February, Mr Farrell and Dr Smith took fifteen A level students to Rome on an Art & Respect trip. The four day trip was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Highlights of the itinerary were:

  • Day 1 : Guided walking tour taking in the Trefi Fountain and the Pantheon
  • Day 2: the Sistine chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and a meeting with Father Tony in the Vatican.
  • Day 3: The Colosseum, Colonna Palace gallery and art evening workshop.

Students engaged with religious artworks including those by the famous Caravaggio, Bernini and most notably Michelangelo. Students drew from their first hand experiences, reflecting on what they had seen, during evening art workshops. Students have produced a sketchbook of interpretations of the artworks they saw, capturing these through a variety of mediums.

Students said:

“I loved Colonna Palace. I’d recommend this trip as there is so much to do and see”



“It gave us an opportunity to develop new skills of interpretation, and see how art developed through history”



“Father Tony’s talk was very interesting and helpful for Religion, Philosophy and Ethics content and quotes”



“The smaller group worked well as we got to know each other and the teachers better. A proper trip to Rome!”



The teachers said:

“I loved the interplay of art and religion, a really worthwhile trip”

Mr Farrell


“This was such an enjoyable and broadening experience for the students, which transformed their perspectives on art and religion”

Dr Smith

A special ‘Grazie’ to Sarah Haigh for making this trip possible.