Becky Fleetwood, known as B Fleetwood, recently came into Fallibroome Academy to teach us about her road to becoming an author.

She told us about her book, ‘Chroma’, and its rather interesting storyline. As she told us of the plot, she asked us to read the questions she had brought to prompt us, questions such as: Have you ever wondered what colour a lie is? How about anger? Love?” This was a very intriguing way of introducing us to her main character, Imogen, and her rather peculiar talents for seeing people’s feelings as colours.

When Becky Fleetwood had introduced us to her novel and had given us a reading, she invited us to ask her about the book and her path to writing it. This opened many eyes to the wonders of writing a book and the hard yet rewarding journey to becoming an author. She really inspired us with her talk, and quite a few stories have come out of inspiration from her in our Friday lunchtime sessions since!

Read more about B Fleetwood at her website