As coronavirus cases seem to be continuing across the UK, I am writing to offer some advice with respect to managing these circumstances across our community. To us, there seems to be three levels of risk. We have explained these levels below, together with an outline of how we intend to manage each set of possible circumstances:

  1. If you have recently travelled from a high risk* area, please seek medical advice by contacting NHS 111 before sending your son/daughter into school. If you are advised to self-isolate, please keep your children off school until the end of this period. While these circumstances are unlikely to lead to additional school actions, please let us know if these issues arise in your family so that we can monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.
  2. If someone in your immediate social circle (i.e. close friends and family) is diagnosed with Covid-19, please seek medical advice by contacting NHS 111 before sending your child to school. It is very likely that you will be advised to self-isolate in these circumstances. If so, then your children will also need to kept at home for this period of time. Please let us know if these circumstances arise in your family so that we can also seek professional advice regarding the possible implications for our school.
  3. If your child is diagnosed with Covid-19, please let us know immediately. If any member of our community receives such a diagnosis, we will discuss a possible temporary school closure with the relevant agencies as a matter of urgency. We will consequently monitor this with great care and will keep you updated as necessary.

It is our intention to continue with all off-site school activities unless there is a change to government advice in this respect, or providers choose to withdraw their services.

I have also attached a poster giving some practical tips about how to reduce the risk of spreading this infection. We already have these on display across the school. It would be helpful if you could also discuss these matters with your children at home so that we can do all we can to minimise the risks for everyone.

With thanks for your support in this matter.
Yours faithfully

* High risk areas are currently listed as China, South Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong
Kong, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Italy (Lombardy region), Tenerife (Costa Adeje
Place Hotel) and Iran. This list is likely to change regularly in the future, so please monitor the national news
websites on a regular basis.