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Course Overview

AQA A Level GCE Chemistry (7405) is a two year course. Students receive 9 lessons per fortnight, delivered by two different teachers. The course is entirely examined by three written examinations in the summer of Year 13. In addition, students keep a record of various practical activities that they undertake over the two years, providing evidence for an internally-decided “practical endorsement” — a statement printed on the student’s certificate to acknowledge that they have developed practical skills alongside their examination success.


A Level examination dates (for Year 13 students):
Paper 1: Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (7405/1): Tuesday 2nd June 2020 (pm) (2hr)
Paper 2: Organic and Physical Chemistry (7405/2): Monday 8th June 2020 (pm) (2hr)
Paper 3: Synoptic content (7405/3): Wednesday 17th June 2020 (am) (2hr)

Practical Endorsement

Statement of Entry

The school enters students for their exams with the exam board and then students are given (usually around March) a Statement of Entry to check that no mistakes have been made. Please note that this final check is the students’ responsibility and that Fallibroome cannot be held accountable for any errors that are not picked up at this final stage.

A correct Statement of Entry for A Level Chemistry has four items on it:

An entry for Paper 1 Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, 7405/1;
An entry for Paper 2 Organic and Physical Chemistry, 7405/2;
An entry for Paper 3, 7405/3;
A “cash in” code to request a certificate for the A Level Chemistry qualification, 7405.

Course Plan

Private Study

We expect all students to undertake one hour of private study for every hour of lesson time. This means that in an average week all students will do 4 to 5 hours of private study.

At the very start of the course, this will mean reading through and tidying class notes and perhaps adding to them using the textbook. The textbook pages will also have worked examples and supportive questions that can be attempted.

After the first half term, though, students will be capable of attempting more complex questions from the textbook and past examination papers. From this point on, students must be careful to limit reading and note making to only that necessary when problems cannot be solved. The vast majority of private study time should be used to answer questions, mark them and review progress.

Past Examination Papers : 7405 A Level Chemistry

Past Examination Papers : 7404 AS Level Chemistry

Useful Links

Document downloads are available via the Google Drive link at the top of the page, and past examination papers are listed above. The following are additional online resources that will be useful to students during their private study and background reading.