Course Overview

A2 Media Studies builds on the skills you have gained in Year 12 so that you will be better able to develop the required knowledge and understanding of a range of media industries and their institutional, technological and global contexts with a contemporary ‘synoptic’ understanding of the media. The coursework unit affords students the exciting opportunity to compile a relevant and impressive portfolio of practical work (video and print). Students research, produce and evaluate their finished media product and compare it to real media output.


A2 Course Info

G324: Advanced Portfolio

Students work in small groups and can choose from a selected list of set briefs to create 3 media texts in total.

Options include:

  • a teaser film trailer, film poster and film magazine front cover promoting the film.
  • a music video, DVD cover and music magazine advert
  • short film (approx. 3-5 minutes in length)

Research and Planning work along with completed media texts are presented and evaluated in a blog.

G325:Critical Perspective in Media

This exam paper has 2 sections:

  • Section A: Theoretical Evaluation of your Production
    Evaluate your skills development during the production process and evaluate your work in relation to one of the following media concepts – genre, narrative, representation, audience and media language.
  • Section B: Contemporary Media Issues
    Complete a case study of the representation of youth in the media including links to media theory.

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