Learning Skills

The projects have been designed to develop students Personal Learning and Thinking Skills with a strong departmental focus placed on independent Enquiry, creative thinking and reflecting on learning.

Extension Activites

Extension activities can be accessed via the Art department home page.

Homework Club

Students can catch up with homework at Homework club which runs on Thursday lunchtime in D10 from 12:35 to 1:05pm and after school on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30pm.

Home Learning Policy

Homework Includes

Homework is split into six projects that are spread over the year. Each project will last six weeks and has been divided into mini tasks. All homeworks are designed to extend the learning beyond the classroom, to consolidate skills and allow pupils to take an element of personal control over the direction of their work as an artist.

There is a practical element to each of the homework projects set and will be asked to demonstrate their understanding and control of materials, processes and the formal elements and combine these thoughtfully.

Some homework is aimed at the development of research skills. Pupils will be encouraged to use a variety of sources and to consider and discuss the ideas, methods and approaches that are used by artists, craftspeople and designers, relating these to both context and purpose. The level of personal contribution and imaginative presentation of this work is valued highly.

Year Plan

Homework tasks

  1. Star Wars Choice Homework
  2. Harry Potter Choice homework
  3. Island survivor choice homework
  4. Creatures woodland choice homework
  5. Progress review
  6. Art summary homework

There will be opportunities during the development of each project for pupils to peer assess their work as it progresses. The teacher will monitor that the work is being completed within the timescale allocated and to an appropriate level. At the end of the six weeks each project will be assessed and staff will set targets for students to improve their work. It is departmental policy not to set Key Assessed Tasks to be completed solely as a homework project. However, during the year two projects will be used to inform and support the work undertaken for the January and June Progress Review Weeks.

When working with particular elements of homework tasks some pupils can encounter a problem such as, Internet access, lack of a suitable work space at home or a lack of specialist materials. An Art Homework Club will run afterschool each week with access to a member of the Art teaching staff and the department’s facilities.

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