Course Overview

AS Media Studies, with 50 per cent of the course devoted to coursework, is designed to build upon your existing knowledge and understanding of media. In the Foundation Portfolio unit, you will have the opportunity to develop sophisticated technical skills using Photoshop and InDesign; gain an understanding of industry practices and then reflect on and evaluate your own work in relation to real media output. The written exam paper assesses textual analysis skills and your understanding of the 5 key concepts in Media Studies which are:

  • Media language
  • Audience
  • Representation
  • Institution
  • Ideology

An in depth case study of the radio industry explores production processes, distribution strategies, use of technologies and the relationship with audience reception and consumption.


AS Course Info

G321: Foundation Portfolio

This is a coursework unit. Students create pages from a new music magazine using original images and text. Finished pages are evaluated in a blog.

G322: Key Media Concepts (TV Drama)

This exam paper has 2 sections:

  • Textual Analysis and Representations – 1 Hour
    Essay response to a question on an unseen TV drama extract which explores the concept of representation.
  • Institutions and Audiences – 1 Hour
    We study the radio industry, consider the impact of new technologies, convergence and look in detail at Silk FM and its relationship with its audience. You have 1 hour to write an essay response to a specific question.

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