In Year 8 homework will usually be set once a week. There will be a variety of tasks for homework ranging from extended writing exercises to shorter pieces, reading or revising for tests. Some homeworks will be consolidating skills that should already have been learnt, others will be more challenging, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to progress in the subject. Some homeworks will involve research, thus encouraging independent learning. Pupils should be encouraged to use resources of information such as the internet but always write up their research in their own words.  Each year specific assessment pieces are completed. These pieces cover all main forms of writing. The department ensures that all students are given access to a challenging and enriched curriculum.

  • Cyclops analysis (long piece)
  • Text analysis (short piece)
  • Spoken Language (short piece)
  • Writing to describe / explain (long piece)
  • Exam – reading
  • Exam Writing
  • Speaking and Listening