GCSE Business Studies is changing to the new specification in September 2017 for Year 10 students.

For Year 10 students from September 2017 they will complete the new AQA Business Studies specification which gives the students the opportunity to explore real business issues and how businesses work.

In Year 10 – students will learn about businesses in the real world and the influences on business activity. In addition to this they will learn about two functional areas of business activity, Operations and Human Resources.

In Year 11 – students will build on their understanding of businesses in the real world and the influences on business activity and use this to learn about the final two functional areas, Finance and Marketing.


  • Paper 1 – Influences of operations and HRM on business activity = Written Paper (1 hour 45 minutes), 90 marks/50%
  • Paper 2 – Influences of marketing and finance on business activity = Written Paper (1 hour 45 minutes) 90 marks/50%

Home Learning Policy

Students will be set homework once every two weeks by their class room teacher and these will either be in the form of;

  • Examination style questions where students will be expected to use the case study provided and complete the exam question using the specific technique provided in lessons.
  • Definition/simple fact finding exercises requiring research skills
  • Analysis tasks where students are expected to identify and explain the benefits and problems to a business of a particular topic
  • Extended research projects where students are expected to research and provide detailed explanations based on real life business case studies.
  • Revision for tests/assessments

Year Plan

Business Studies Revision Sessions 2019 

The sessions will be held weekly on  

  • Monday after school 3.30pm – 4.15pm B1 
  • Wednesday lunchtimes 12.45 – 1.30pm B1 
  • Other lunchtimes by request 
Week Commencing  Theory topics covered  
January 21st  Unit 3.1 – Ownership, Aims/Objectives, stakeholders 
January 28th  Unit 3.1 – Revenue, Cost, Profit & business Plan 
February 4th  Unit 3.1 – Location, Expansion 
February 11th  Unit 3.2 – Laws, technology, competition 
February 25th  Unit 3.2 – Ethics, environmental, globalisation 
March 4th  Unit 3.2 – Economy (interest rates, unemployment, exchange rates) 
March 11th  Unit 3.3 – Supply chain & production 
March 18th  Unit 3.3 – Efficiency, Quality & Customer service 
March 25th  Exam writing skills:  12 Mark essay practice 
April 1st  Unit 3.4 – Organisation structure, Employment, recruitment 
April 23rd  Unit 3.4 – Training, Motivation 
April 29th  Exam writing skills: 9 marks 
May 7th  MCQ practice