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Course Overview

This course covers the design and manufacture of a range of modern electronic products, from circuit design to the design of the casing to hold the electronics and be aesthetically appealing to the end user. All the way through the subject they will be learning about new components and materials to assist them with their controlled assessment and their examination.

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The controlled assessment project accounts for 60% of the final GCSE grade and the terminal examination 40%.

Home Learning Policy

Homework is set approximately every 4 lessons. At some point in the year homework will be used to cement subject knowledge. At other times, homeworks will be used to support controlled assessment tasks. Some will be designed to be completed at home, other times students will need to use the resources of the department to complete their homework. Students have access to the department any lunchtime, on Mondays after school as part of our ‘controlled assessment clinic’ and on Wednesdays with prior arrangement with their teacher.

Year Plan

Assessment date Topics to be assessed
Y10 December Mock Coursework: Circuit Design, Making PCB’s Casing
Y10 April Y10 Mock Exam
Printing, Plastics, Plastic forming, Card and paper, Environmental Issues
Y10 June Design Section: Controlled assessment up to and including circuit and case design to be submitted for assessment
Y11 November Y11 Mock Examination
Y11 January Designing section of controlled assessment submitted for assessment
Y11 April Manufacturing section of controlled assessment submitted for assessment
Y11 May / June Final External Examination


Controlled assessment consists of two separate projects.

The ‘designing’ section of the controlled assessment runs from April of Year 10 until Christmas of Y11. Here students will research, generate design ideas for and develop a product. The product can be anything that involves electronics to suite its design or solve a problem/gap in the market.

Once pupils have completed this section they then start the ‘manufacturing’ project where student’s making skills are tested, they can either make their product they have designed or opt to make a new product. Students typically manufacture a range of devices using a range of hand skills in the workshop and CAD based skills such as Making printed circuit boards on computer and then etching them, soldering components and then making the case using the department’s Laser cutter. This project runs from January to March in Year 11.

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Essentials – GCSE Design and Technology, Electronic Products. Revision Guide David McHugh,
Publisher – Letts and Lonsdale
978-1-906415-58-8 £4.99
Essentials – GCSE Design and Technology, Electronic Products. Workbook David McHugh,
Publisher – Letts and Lonsdale
978-1-906415-59-4 £4.99


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