GCSE RESPECT Full Course will provide students with the opportunity to explore the religious beliefs and practices of Buddhism and Christianity.

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Course Overview

Students will complete a thematic paper, answering questions on the following topics:

  • Relationships and Families
  • Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Life Issues
  • Human Rights and Social justice

The course is designed to improve students’ understanding of religious beliefs and teachings, as well build an understanding of the role of religion within contemporary society. Students will learn how religion, philosophy and ethics form the basis of our culture, and develop valuable skills that prepare them for further study.


Religious studies A Paper 1  

  • Christian Beliefs
  • Christian practices
  • Buddhist beliefs
  • Buddhist practices

(1 hour and 45 minutes long)

Religious Studies A paper 2 Thematic studies:

  • Relationships and Families
  • Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Life Issues
  • Human Rights and Social justice

(1 hour and 45 minutes long)

The questions for both papers have a common structure made up of five-part questions of 1, 2, 4, 5 and 12 marks. Each section has a mark out of 24.

Up to 5 marks are awarded in respect of spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) based on performance in the 12 mark extended writing questions. Marks will be awarded on the basis of a student’s best performance in these questions.

A grade of 0-9 will be awarded.

Home Learning Policy

In lesson we are delivering the GCSE content. Our homework is an opportunity to allow students to reflect on what they have done in lessons and often apply it to exam questions. Students should receive frequent homeworks that allow students to practice their exam technique. This may not always take them a long time, but they should regularly be completing past questions. Students are also able to test themselves by using the past papers on the AQA website.

Year Plan

Key Dates

Mock exams are to be sat in January 2018.

Religious Studies A Paper 1 – 14th May 2018

Religious Studies A paper 2 – 16th May 2018


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