All Key Stage 5 students follow the AQA A Level Maths 7357 specification. Further information about this can be found on the AQA website here.


Starting A Level maths or further maths with us in September?

Make sure you download the Student Handbook as soon as you have your school email address – it is full of useful information and helpful links.

Remember to complete the summer tasks on MathsWatch that were set in July. Email us if you need any information about this.

Have a look at some other websites and tutorials to make sure you’re up to speed by September:


Study Clinic

*** Please note that there will be no study clinics for the remainder of the year. They will restart in September.***

Key Stage 5 Maths study clinic is held every Thursday 15:30 – 16:30, in A4.

Key Stage 5 study clinic is the perfect place for students to complete homework, ask questions, review topics they have found difficult in lessons and access exam practice. The club runs on a drop-in basis, so students can attend as and when they require some extra support with their maths, or routinely throughout the year if they choose.

Resources for Revision and Independent Study

  • Read through your Year 12 Student Handbook for detailed information about the course and how to get the most out of it.
  • AQA A Level Maths textbook by Oxford University Press, which can be accessed via your Kerboodle account. Hard copies are available to purchase via OUP or Amazon.
  • Make use of packs of exam questions on specific topics when you have completed a chapter. This will help to secure your understanding of the topics and make sure you know how to transfer it into an exam. These can be found in the Useful Links section. Resources designed for the old specification remain helpful to this course. 
  • To find full past papers and mark schemes, use the AQA website 
  • Lost your formula booklet? You can download a copy from AQA.
  • Make sure you know the formulae that won’t be given in the exam. Check the AQA formulae poster here.
  • What does independent learning look like in Maths



Have a look in your Maths Student Handbook to see ideas for how to broaden your mathematical interest. Use the Beyond the Curriculum Checklist in there for suggestions.

We invite our students to complete the UKMT Maths Challenges each year, with many of our students achieving certificates and some moving on to the next stage of competition.

We encourage students to attend University days to experience the subject in a different light.

Please also see the school’s Whole School Numeracy page to challenge yourself to puzzles outside of lessons.

Course Overview

All students currently studying A Level Mathematics follow an AQA specification.

This is a linear course, which will assess all content at the end of the course through a number of exams. Students will opt to sit either the AS (one year) or the A Level (two years).

The specification covers a range of Core material as well as some Mechanics and some Statistics content.

Those studying Further Maths will undertake additional assessments of a similar structure, covering Further Pure material as well as some Further Mechanics and Further Statistics content.

As these students progress into Year 13, they will continue to study the breadth of Core and Applied material.

AS and A Level Mathematics students will have 2 different teachers.

AS and A Level Further Mathematics students will have 4 different teachers.


Internal Exams

In Year 12 and Year 13, students are assessed once per half term, in line with the PIF assessment and reporting schedule. The assessments cover all of the topics that have been taught up to that point in the year. The most appropriate form of preparation for these assessments is to attempt the questions from past A Level exam papers, available here.

In each year students will sit a Mock exam in preparation for the external exams. This will assess all material that has been covered to that point and will be completed in full exam conditions, as per the school calendar.


External Exams

AS Level Maths:

2 exams of 90 minutes each.

  • Paper 1 assesses Pure Maths with some Mechanics
  • Paper 2 assesses Pure Maths with some Statistics

A Level Maths:

3 exams of 2 hours each.

  • Paper 1 assesses Pure Maths
  • Paper 2 assesses Pure Maths and Mechanics
  • Paper 3 assesses Pure Maths and Statistics


AS Level Further Maths:

2 exams of 90 minutes each.

  • Paper 1 assesses Pure Maths
  • Paper 2 assesses Mechanics and Statistics

A Level Further Maths:

3 exams of 2 hours each.

  • Paper 1 assesses Pure Maths
  • Paper 2 assesses Pure Maths
  • Paper 3 assesses Mechanics and Statistics


Home Learning Policy

Homework should be set once a week (as a minimum) by each of your maths teachers. Homework tasks vary. At A Level, the vast majority of these will be hand written, with further information being provided via Google Classroom.

Each homework task should require a minimum of 1 hour of work and a maximum of 1hr30mins of work. One of these tasks per fortnight will be considered an Assessed Homework, which will be taken in by the teacher, followed by feedback and a focused opportunity to extend your understanding of the topic.

In addition to this, students are expected to complete independent study using questions from their textbook and past exam papers from the AQA website (, in order to consolidate the work they have covered in class. We would expect students to be completing a minimum of 2 hours of independent study each week. For further detail, students should remember to check the Student Handbook.


Useful Links


Going beyond the specification