Course Overview

Learning Skills

During Year 9 in RESPECT we have a particular aim to develop students’ skills of independent enquiry, effective participation and creative thinking. Homework tasks are intended to support students in the development of these areas where appropriate.


Home Learning Policy

In Year 9 students have three lessons of Respect a fortnight. Homework is intended to extend and develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the topics covered during lessons. A substantial homework will be set for students once every three lessons with the exception of our Sex and Relationships topic where homework will be set when appropriate.

Our homework has been planned to challenge pupils. The 3 star format allows them to complete the task at the appropriate level. We expect to receive in a substantial piece of work, which has taken the student about 40 minutes to complete. Most homework tasks are saved on the website under the topic headlines. Students will also be set assessment revision / preparation as homework.

Homework Includes:

  • Research of a particular topic (information found should be written in students own words and not simply copy and pasted from the internet).
  • Creative tasks such as designing posters or leaflets.
  • Revision for tests.
  • Extended writing such as an essay.
  • Reflective questions.
  • GCSE examination questions in the summer term.
  • Acting upon advice given to make improvements to assessed work.

Homework Task

Year Plan

Assessment date Topics to be assessed
1st half term Ultimate Questions
2nd half term Alcohol and SRE
3rd half term Judaism and Holocaust
4th half term Introduction to GCSE RE – Christianity
5th half term Christian Beliefs (GCSE) Buddhism
6th half term GCSE Peace and Conflict

Useful Links

Science and religion

  • Religion, science and the environment
    Information on Christian beliefs about creation and evolution.
  • Religions
    Information on a variety of religions and atheism.
  • Other sources of help
    You could watch the ‘How did the universe begin?’ documentary available on YouTube. Have a look in your science textbooks for information on the origins of the universe.


Sex and Relationships