In order to fully explore the potential of cultural partnerships we set up an artist in residence project with David Richardson (visual artist & owner of Jack Sevens Gallery, Macclesfield). Through lengthy discussions with David and the schools involved, the format of this project was piloted in the summer term, rolling out from September 2015. The premise of the project was for David to be fully integrated with each school, offering bespoke art workshops within the curriculum. The expectations and outcomes for each school differed in accordance with the collaborative planning that took place.

AIR artwork

In line with promoting the use of specialist cultural facilitators and practitioners alongside teaching staff, we created and planned an artist in residence project for 2014.

Within the alliance we believe this is important for deep student learning and for staff cpd, and here in Cheshire we have a wealth of cultural practitioners eager to be involved in education.

AIR 2014 was designed to explore the role of ‘artist in residence’ as a means of extending students’ cultural experiences in a medium term, sustained project, whilst offering specialist CPD for designated staff.  The project was centred around host schools who adopt an artist in residence for the Summer Term 2014, providing workshops for students, regular CPD for staff and promoting collaborative, creative and inspirational learning.

In addition to our host schools, there was an opportunity to be involved in AIR 2014 as an ‘observing’ school.  This option allowed schools to observe the project, reflect on planning and delivery and prepare for their own cultural project in the future.

It is our hope that AIR will take a step towards schools forging strong and meaningful links with cultural practitioners in the community, to offer outstanding experiences and learning for students, quality CPD for staff and a meaningful, exciting and innovative collaborative project within the community.

Participation in Air 2014 was also included in our two cultural education CPD days (see CPD days information).

“I felt like I was going to a new Land!”
Year 3 Pupil

“I was worried that no-one would be able to understand what I had done but then I realised it didn’t matter because people could ‘read’ it how they wanted to”
Year 6 Pupil

“I could noticeably see an improvement in confidence – they are very proud of their work and thrilled that it is going on display – it seems to have given greater credibility amongst his peers to be part of this project – as they often struggle in other areas of the curriculum -I think this is really important”
Teacher Observation