At Fallibroome we aim to deliver a varied and exciting curriculum that recognises the diversity of the English Language and the rich cultural history of the cannon of English literature.

Throughout Key Stage 3, we build upon the core areas of reading skills, varied writing skills, speaking and listening. Each class works through several assessed pieces; all designed to build and develop a variety of writing and reading skills.

At Key Stage 4, pupils follow the AQA A syllabus, taking the English Language and English Literature examinations. We use the AQA Anthology to explore a rich variety of short stories and poetry.

At Key Stage 5, the English Language course students are introduced to the study of language and are taught a linguistic framework with which to analyse texts. Students also explore the social contexts of language, including language and power, language and gender and language and technology. While the English Literature course is built on a central organising principle: that the exploration of reading processes can be an interesting and enriching way to approach literary texts.

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Key Stage 3 Recommended Reading Books

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Key Stage 3

KS3 Spellings

KS3 English Task Race

Miss Burden
9Y3 - Nathen Herbert
Miss Broad
7C - Madeleine Webber
8X3 - Chloe Oultram
8Y2 - Daisy Reay
9X3 - Francesca Parrish
9Y4 - Evie Rley
Ms Wilson-Knight
7P - Aaron Campbell
7O - Finn Hurley
8X1 - Ava Gilmore
Mrs Davenport
8Y3 - Jack Brittain
9X2 - Lily Massey
Mrs Chandler
7E - Keshav Ganesh
8X4 - Kimberly Lite
9X1 - Lauren Smith
Mrs Dore
7I - Joanna Tookey
8Y1 - Daniel Averre
Mrs Johnson
7R - Courtney Houghton
9Y1 - Connor Munro
Mr Johnson
7S - Phoebe Pittham
8Y4 - Ava Rhodes
Miss Robert
7F - Sian Gray
8X2 - Zak Mousa
9X4 - Louis Turner-Dunn
Mr Smalley
9Y2 - Isaac Macro


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Spellzone - help, learn and improve English spelling
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