Welcome to the Fallibroome Academy Mathematics department

Maths is essential for everyday life, for understanding the world we live in and for ensuring that we are able to take an active role within our society.

At Fallibroome, we believe that every student has great potential in maths and our experienced department has an excellent record in motivating students of all levels to do the best that they can.

We aim to:

  • Set challenging targets, with high expectations for attitude and work ethic;
  • Provide a range of styles of teaching and activities to suit all learners, maintaining interest and enthusiasm;
  • Support each student to reach their full potential, through individualised targets and feedback;
  • Explore opportunities for enrichment through cross curricular links and challenges;
  • Implement the school’s ethos of trust, respect and optimism;
  • Smooth the transition between Key Stages to support progression throughout their time with us;
  • Provide a syllabus that challenges and motivates students, whilst developing many transferable skills, specifically related to problem solving.

Maths is a Core subject throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, with all students following the broad curriculum. Many of our students also opt to continue their studies into A Level, where we have huge success in setting students up for their future aspirations.

Maths Blog

Results August 2018


A Level A Level Further Maths

9-4 = 76%

A*-A = 69%

A*-A = 86%

A*-C = 88%

A*-B – 100%


All students are expected to arrive at each of their maths lessons and all assessments with the following equipment:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Planner
  • Maths exercise book
  • Scientific calculator
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor

Useful Websites

Login details and passwords for the following websites have been given to all students. Please email your child’s teacher if you require this information.

Mrs Simm
7X2 Finn Hurley
8X2 Oliver Tang
9Y3 Morgan Clifton-Parks
102Z Benjamin Winder
113Z Adam Leech
Mrs Whitworth
9Y2 Grace Ainscough
111Y Owen Pauptit
Miss Birch
7X3 Katie Cornford
8X1 Aadi Whitlock
9X4 Lily-Jean Massey
103X Ellie Houghton
112Z Emily Hutchings
Mrs Matthews
7Y3 Mia Hagar
8Y2 Ruby Baines
9Y1 Paul Averre
102X Aidan McMullin
111X Rosie Byrne
Miss Naylor
Mr Martland
111Z Joshua Jenkinson
Miss Mason
7Y1 Keshav Ganesh
8X4 Lucy Hammond
8Y4 Isabella Daly
9X2 Yash Pai
101Z Karl Rackham
112Y Molly Thorpe
Mrs Banns
7X4 Kiki Mellor
9X3 Joshua Hewitt
101X Amy Whittamore
112X Mia Egan
Mr Percival
7Y4 Natalie Houghton
9X1 Nerina Banks
9Y4 Wez Jennings
101Y Thomas Harding
113Y Abbyigail Houghton
Mrs Roe
7Y2 Sophie Brown
101W Georgia Mayer Holt
111W Annie Mitchell

Maths Commendations

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Abby Wheeler – “Best in school”, GOLD certificate and qualified for Senior Kangaroo

Sam Jones – “Best in Year 12”

Ben Kyd – “Best in Year 11”

1 Gold, 11 Silver and 22 Bronze certificates