Welcome to the Fallibroome Academy Mathematics department

Maths is essential for everyday life, for understanding the world we live in and for ensuring that we are able to take an active role within our society.

At Fallibroome, we believe that every student has great potential in maths and our experienced department has an excellent record in motivating students of all levels to do the best that they can.

We aim to:

  • Set challenging targets, with high expectations for attitude and work ethic;
  • Provide a range of styles of teaching and activities to suit all learners, maintaining interest and enthusiasm;
  • Support each student to reach their full potential, through individualised targets and feedback;
  • Explore opportunities for enrichment through cross curricular links and challenges;
  • Implement the school’s ethos of trust, respect and optimism;
  • Smooth the transition between Key Stages to support progression throughout their time with us;
  • Provide a syllabus that challenges and motivates students, whilst developing many transferable skills, specifically related to problem solving.

Maths is a Core subject throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, with all students following the broad curriculum. Many of our students also opt to continue their studies into A Level, where we have huge success in setting students up for their future aspirations.

Maths Blog

Results August 2018


A Level A Level Further Maths

9-4 = 76%

A*-A = 69%

A*-A = 86%

A*-C = 88%

A*-B – 100%


All students are expected to arrive at each of their maths lessons and all assessments with the following equipment:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Planner
  • Maths exercise book
  • Scientific calculator
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor

Useful Websites

Login details and passwords for the following websites have been given to all students. Please email your child’s teacher if you require this information.

Mrs Roe
7X4 Teagan Chopping
8X3 Jemima Brown
10Y2 Edward Leyland
11W1 Tabitha Wilkin Cortes
Mrs Whitworth
7Y2 Maisie Smith
10X2 Finlay McNicholas
Mrs Chudleigh
7X1 Jack Harmer
7X1 Edith Munro
7Y1 Felicity Funnell
7Y1 Ivy De Jager
8X4 David Stringer
8X4 Ava Scott
8Y4 Amy Guest
8Y4 Rhys Shuker
9X2 Zak Mousa
9X2 Beatrice Wakefield
9Y2 Freddie Young
9Y2 Georgia Gray
10Y3 Sydnie-Braelyn Rutherford
10Y3 Leah Whalley
Miss Naylor
8Y3 Mackenzie Lambourn
11Y3 Lewis Macfadden
Miss Birch
9X4 Rebecca Birch
9Y4 Ruby Potts
10W1 Phoebe Johnson
11X3 Millie Bennett
Mrs Matthews
8X2 Charlie Worthington
9Y3 Lily Culshaw
10X3 Leo Johnson
11X2 Amelia-Luci Griffies
11D/Ma+1 Evelyn Hurst
Mr Watson
7X3 Millie Egerton
8Y2 Joseph Frodsham
10Z2 Aaron Brough
11Y2 Jessica Smith
Mr Findon
7X2 Madison Wright
8X1 Alexander Bradbury
9X3 Kieran Coveney-Gloor
10Z1 Jennifer Burke
11X1 Lucy Simm
Mr Martland
11Z1 Hannah Cochrane
11D/Ma+2 Fawaad Amin-Khan
Mr Percival
7Y4 Tom Gamwell
9X1 Aadi Whitlock
9Y1 Harry Burgess-Hayde
10Y1 Isabel Dykins
11Y1 Toby Maurice
Mrs Simm
7Y3 Poppy Willder
8Y1 Keshav Ganesh
10X1 Sophia Anderson-Bhatia
11Z2 Charlotte Taylor
11D/Ma+3 Amelia Gray

Maths Commendations

Adam Herbert year 7 has come 1st in the MEM Challenge 2019 for year 7 and 8 students, winning the Ian Porteous Award.

Nathan Herbert year 9 has come 3rd in the MEM Senior Challenge 2019 for year 9, 10 and 11 students.