Dear Parent/Guardian

Fallibroome has had an excellent first term. We have been ranked in the top twenty schools in the North West for the quality of our A-Level and GCSE outcomes (a position that rises to third when selective schools are removed from the list). We have launched our new behaviour policy and this has had a positively transformational effect on the culture and atmosphere in lessons. Our sports teams continue to impress across a range of disciplines and many of our other extra-curricular teams compete successfully in a growing range of pursuits. We had our production of Sister Act. As a statement of what can be achieved by a first rate education in the arts, this couldn’t be bettered. It also served to remind everyone in our community (students, staff and parents) that we are all very fortunate to belong to such a remarkable school.

As you will be aware, implementing our new behaviour policy has been a particularly important priority for us over the first term. Feedback that we have gathered from staff and students overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that lessons this year are calmer and more focussed than has ever been the case before. We want to build on this success over the next term by:

  • Providing students and parents with regular written reports that summarise key behavioural and organisational data for each student.
  • Recognising and celebrating the large number of our students who work very hard and behave impeccably on a day-to-day basis.

We have been working hard over the last few months to develop the software that will allow us to meet these objectives. As this work is now nearing completion, we expect to be able to email you the first ‘Attitude to Learning Report’ for your son/daughter on Friday 22nd December. This report will then be updated every subsequent 20 days (4 weeks) that your son/daughter attends school. In this way, we hope to keep you fully informed about these crucial issues so that you can congratulate and encourage your son/daughter if they are doing well, or perhaps support them to address some key issues if necessary. These systems will also allow us to use our assemblies and other processes to recognise and encourage students who are consistently working hard and doing their best in school.

As we begin to move into the Spring term, we start a particularly important phase for our examination cohorts. We firmly believe that our Year 11 students have been working exceptionally hard and their teachers are very positive about their focus and attitude in lessons. They certainly deserve a rest over the holiday period, but may want to turn their attention to mock exam preparations after the New Year celebrations. I am sure that our Sixth form students will have similar plans too.

Finally, I would like to record my thanks to all those students and staff who have contributed so much to the school in the first term. Your efforts and commitment are greatly appreciated.

With best wishes for a happy Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Yours sincerely