The Fallibroome Academy Masterchef competition was incredibly tough this year! We had some superb entries and the overall quality and presentation of the food was fantastic; all of the judges were thoroughly impressed (and full) by the end of the competition. A wide variety of dishes were created from turkey and pigs in blanket burgers, to Christmas turkey and chestnut linguine and pan roasted venison.

In third place was Nathan Herbert with a Turkey Kebab and pilaf, accompanied by a balsamic christmas tree. The turkey kebab was skillfully cooked and the rice pilaf was deliciously flavoured, an instant hit with all that tried it! We were also impressed that he didn’t have a helper in the kitchen and managed to finish cooking first.

Elizabeth Tennant and Ava Rhodes cooked a pheasant breast wrapped in bacon with a side of pan haggerty. This classic Christmas dish was very well cooked and I think all the judges were won over by the delectable pan haggerty and accompanying red wine and cranberry gravy.

The showstopper of the competition was the giant yorkshire pudding filled with Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, cooked by Jessica Pond and Harriet Burke-Jackson. The judges were so very impressed at the skill required to make such a complex dish especially with the added time pressures of the competition.

Well done to all those that entered, we look forward to seeing you in the next competition.

The winners were:

  • 1st Place: Jessica Pond 80 & Harriet Burke-Jackson 8R
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Tennant & Ava Rhodes 7C
  • 3rd Place: Nathan Herbert 8F

Joint winner Harriet Burke-Jackson wrote this piece about the competition:

The challenge of the 2017 Fallibroome Master Chef Competition was to design an alternative Christmas Dinner with a twist. This was no ordinary Community contest. Surely, we are all familiar with turkey, sprouts and stuffing – could there really be another option for the festive season?

2017 brought out strong culinary ideas from across Years 7 to 10 with a preliminary heat having to be launched to select those who would make the Final on 6th December.

Fortunately, my nerves held up in the Food Tech Room. As I glanced around to see amazing dishes being prepared, the delicious aroma of fresh ingredients and the unmistakable atmosphere of teamwork, there was no time to rest, the clock was ticking.

After 35 minutes of frenzied activity: sprouts were trimmed, carrots were sliced, pigs in blankets were crispy and the chicken was roasted in herb crumb stuffing. Now for the tense presentation of the dish to an array of Judges… but I felt it was time to relax after all… who could resist the power of a Christmas lunch served up inside a huge golden Yorkshire Pudding?

Well done to all the competitors and congratulations to the winners!