Ofqual have published their guidance to students, parents, teachers and school leaders today. I have attached this information to this email for your reference. In our view, Ofqual’s guidance is clear and helpful. It also seems to us that the processes that they have described here are probably the best that can be done in the circumstances. The desire to be fair and reasonable to all Y11 and Y13 students across the country is also very evident.

At the heart of this process is the requirement for all schools to report “the most likely grade a student would have achieved if they had sat their exams this summer and completed any non-exam assessment”. When schools submit these grades, they will be closely scrutinised by Ofqual and will be subject to adjustment in order to ensure comparability with national trends and previous cohorts. It is important to highlight at this stage that schools are specifically prohibited from sharing their internal grades with students and parents until after the final grades are decided by Ofqual at the end of this process.

Parents and students are asked not to contact their teachers to make their case for a particular grade during this period. As a school, we have an excellent track record of assessing our students’ likely outcomes accurately so we believe we can complete this process in a way that is fair to all our students and that protects the integrity of the A-Level and GCSE examination system nationally. It is clearly very important for our students and parents to trust us to complete this exercise in a carefully considered, rigorous and professional manner.

We will review Ofqual’s documentation very carefully over the Easter holiday period and will provide further guidance and clarification as soon as we can. We intend to take these processes very seriously and we recognise the important role that we have to play in ensuring that every student gets the grade that their efforts deserve.

Year 11 & Year 13 Letter 03.04.2020