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Y11 Revision Sessions

Revision Session Overview

Study Leave Letter (March 2018)

Dear Parent / Guardian,

GCSE Study Leave 2018
I am writing to you to provide details of the forthcoming Study Leave and Revision Programme arrangements for Year 11.
The main summer examination season is much longer than the mock exam season and there is more opportunity for our students to complete their own study independently. As a result, we have decided to allow study leave for our Y11 students from Monday May 14th. The last day of normal timetabled lessons will be Friday May 11th.

Subject Revision
During the examination period we will run a programme of subject-based revision sessions. These proved to be highly valuable to the large numbers of students who attended them last year and we strongly encourage your son/daughter to attend as many as they are able. In the next few weeks we will publish the dates and content of these revision sessions and will be asking our students to sign up to them in advance. We will make sure that a copy of this programme will be sent to all parents so that you can support these discussions at home as appropriate.

Independent study in school
Some students will decide that they will revise more effectively if they work in school throughout the examination period. To facilitate this, we will designate our Dining Hall during the school day and E3/E4 every lunchtime as Y11 study spaces. We imagine that many of our students will choose to make use of these facilities during the exam season.

Supervised study in school
Students who have routinely achieved Attitude to Learning grades of A0 or B0 are likely to have well developed study habits and will make good decisions about how and where to revise. There will be students, however, who will benefit from a more structured approach to their work and will be more productive working in school with staff supervision throughout this period. We will be making contact with families on an individual basis where we believe this is the case.

We hope that this approach will strike the right balance between giving our students the opportunity to direct and manage their own studies while at the same time providing additional support and guidance from subject staff in school. Please remind your son/daughter that they are expected to wear their uniform and continue to respect our behaviour expectations during the examination season. Further details regarding all revision sessions and signing in/out procedures, as well as the traditional Y11 Leavers Assembly on May 11th, will follow shortly.

Ross Martland