Following our review of international research we have made significant changes to our assessment policy. Click here to access some of this research(PDF). There are two types of assessment; formative and summative, the former occurs more frequently than the latter.

Formative assessment

Students are set key assessment tasks. They are made aware exactly what they are going to be assessed on before completing the task and are often shown exemplar material. Teachers provide high quality written feedback in which they outline what the students have done well and what they need to do in order to improve. Students are then given time to improve their work. No grades or marks are put on these pieces of work.

Summative assessments

Students are made aware at least a week in advance of the assessment date. Following this assessment students are encouraged to reflect on their learning and identify strengths and weaknesses to help them formulate a future work plan.

Summative results are reported to parents through the school’s reporting procedures (click here to access the reporting schedule.) At KS3 students are assessed using National Curriculum Levels in every subject. At KS4 and KS5 students are assessed using grades; A* – G at GCSE and A* – E at A level. We also report upon ‘effort’ using a 1-5 scale at KS3 and 4 and 1-4 at KS5.

KS3 Progress review weeks

Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their performance and progress in each subject and set targets formally twice a year during Progress Review weeks. Use the ‘downloads’ link on the left of this page to access the subject specific assessment criteria used during this process.

KS3 Tutor consultation day

These take place at the end of the Spring term. Each child has an appointment where they discuss the progress they have made with their form tutor and parents and set targets.

KS4 and KS5 Target setting day

This takes place in the first half term of the academic year. Each child has an appointment with their form tutor. The main purpose of this is to review their progress so far and set target grades for every subject.