Homework Policy

Homework is set for all students. However sometimes it might be inappropriate for certain students for a period of time or in specific subjects. Parents should discuss this with the Learning Manager/ SENCO. This will be communicated to staff.

The role of the student

  • To copy down instructions for the task and deadline date into the planner
  • To ensure all homework is completed and handed in to meet the deadline
  • To attempt all work set to the best of their ability
  • To seek help from the class teacher if necessary

The role of the teacher

  • Provide enough time for students to record their homework
  • Provide clear instructions and deadline dates
  • Set homework in line with department policy
  • Monitor homework is done and provide constructive written feedback at least once a half term
  • Provide help and support


When homework is not completed, teachers should initially support the pupil to ensure the task set meets the pupil’s needs. If this is so, then sanctions will be used. Typical sanctions include:

  • Discussion and negotiation with the pupil perhaps followed up with a note to parents in the planner
  • Detention to complete the homework – this may be at lunch of afterschool
  • Persistent offenders will be referred to the Director of Teaching and Learning who will apply sanctions or support as appropriate
  • At KS3 tutors monitor planners, identifying pupils with homework problems across several curriculum areas and refers this to the Learning manager