These are the previous Books of the Month from the Fallibroome Library.

Stay Where You Are and Then Leave
John Boyne

‘From the bestselling author of The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, a moving and uplifting story of an ordinary boy’s search for his missing father during the First World War.’

This story is set in London and starts on Alfie Summerfield’s fifth birthday when war is announced and his father Georgie, swept up in all the excitement, immediately signs up.

It follows the family’s fortunes as they struggle to survive and Alfie takes on the role of the ‘man of the house’. Unbeknown to his mum, Alfie skips school and becomes a shoeshine boy at King’s Cross station. Alfie believes that his father is involved in a secret mission but one day he comes across some information that begins to explain why his father’s monthly letters have abruptly stopped.

Lots of colourful characters are introduced throughout the story; Alfie’s friend and neighbour Kalena together with her Dad who runs the local sweet shop: another neighbour Joe Patience: Doctor Ridgewell: even the Prime Minister makes an appearance!

The narrative is told from Alfie’s perspective and he proves to be a very likeable character. It’s an easy read but keeps the reader entertained from start to finish. It is also a poignant reminder of events 100 years ago.

Recommended to Y7+

Eight Keys
Suzanne LaFleur

“A warm and inspiring tale about friendship and families with real substance and style” – Sunday Times

Eight secrets. One girl about to unlock her past…
Elise, age 11, lives on a farm with her aunt and uncle and has just started at a new high school. The story follows her life at home and school, her friendships and her quest to find out about her parents. There are a series of ups and downs – falling out with her best friend, Franklin, making new friends and standing up to a school bully. As the title suggests Elise ‘finds’ eight keys that unlock various rooms revealing stories about her mum and dad, both of whom died when she was very young. Each key gives her the inspiration to move on in life and reflect on situations she finds herself in. It is a feel good story, well written and I would recommend to Y7+.

Gangsta Granny
David Walliams

Gangsta Granny is an outrageously funny story – a laugh out loud book and easy to read! The story is about eleven-year-old Ben and his granny and how the relationship develops between them. He stays with his granny every Friday night and absolutely detests going there and who wouldn’t when all she wants to is play Scrabble and eat cabbage soup? But that’s before he realises that she isn’t quite like an ordinary granny and he finds out that she’s an international jewel thief. They go on lots of adventures… ending up trying to break into the Tower of London to steal the crown jewels and meeting the Queen. There is a sad ending but it is dealt with in a sensitive way. The changes between Ben and his gran are lovely without being too mushy. There are also up to date references to TV programmes and personalities which make the story more realistic. If you like an entertaining story with lots of adventures then this book is for you – it’s really easy to get caught up in the exploits of all the characters!

Recommended for Y7+

The Recruit
Robert Muchamore

The Recruit is the first book in the very popular CHERUB series.

James is a very bored teenager, hates school where he’s a bit of a hooligan, and when tragically orphaned he moves into a children’s home with life changing consequences. He carries on getting into trouble by joining a gang and breaking into cars. One morning he wakes up in a strange place – Cherub Campus – a secret organisation that recruits abandoned or orphaned children as government spies.

So follow James in his attempt to become a Cherub agent. His quest entails 100 days of physically challenging and mental tests.

The story is a rollercoaster of emotions, has lots of adventures and explores new friendships. I would recommend it to all boys and girls who like to read an exciting ‘page turner’. It’s also full of humour and all the trials and tribulations of being a teenager…or try this book if you enjoyed the Alex Rider, Young Bond or Jimmy Coates series.

Recommended for Y7+

The Medusa Project series
Sophie Mckenzie

The exciting Medusa Project series from award winning author Sophie McKenzie begins with The Set-Up which features four teenagers with emerging psychic powers. Fourteen years ago they were implanted with a psychic gene as part of a sinister experiment into human development and this has given each of them a different special ability including the power to read minds and to see into the future. Government agents bring the teenagers together as a secret crime fighting unit but there are many others who would love to have access to their special powers and their lives are soon at risk. Packed full of thrilling action and adventure, this series concludes with the much anticipated Hit Squad!!

Recommended for Y7+