At Fallibroome students receive a range of experiences to help them prepare for the future.  In Years 7 and 8, this occurs as part of the RESPECT programme, where students acquire decision-making skills and investigate local employment opportunities as part of their community project and these skills are put into practice during a ‘Survival/Citizenship’ day in Year 8.

In Year 9, a specialist Careers programme, “Reflections”, is designed to help students choose their GCSE courses with confidence.  This is delivered by tutors, working under the guidance of the Careers Co-ordinator, and allows students to find out about their own attributes, strengths and weaknesses, discovering information about possible career paths using a wide range of material. Students complete a variety of ICT-based career matching tasks using a specialist Job Explorer Database. They attend a school-based Careers Fair and participate in a variety of careers based activities.

In Year 10 students undertake an ICT- based career matching programme called KUDOS and receive information about post-16 options as preparation for making valid career decisions for the years ahead.  All take part in a two-week block of work experience in local industry, for which they are thoroughly prepared, and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of their experience. In addition all students in Year 10 will attend a tutorial session with the school Careers Advisor. A limited number of students take part in day-release placements throughout Years 10 and 11 as part of their studies. At the end of Year 10 Students enjoy a selection of challenges designed to test their Enterprise, Physical and Problem Solving skills.

In Year 11, all take part in a “hands-on” module to equip them with the skills needed to prepare application letters for Higher Education and jobs, including composition of their curriculum vitae and interview practice. Students also complete a financial awareness module to help increase the education of financial matters outside of the school environment.

Throughout the Sixth Form, students are constantly supported in their chosen career paths by their Personal Tutor, the Year 12 and 13 Learning Managers, the Head of Sixth Form and the Careers Staff.  They are entitled to an individual interview and undertake a further block of Work Experience in the Summer Term of Year 12.  Full support is given to the application process for university and interview practice is arranged as necessary, with specialist support also provided to those entering employment, or embarking on Professional Apprenticeships at the end of Year 13.

The school maintains an excellent stock of careers information and guidance materials with a specialist careers library open to students three lunchtimes each week.  A large amount of information is also available on the school intranet and students have easy access to the internet for wider searches.

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Topics to be Studied

  • Year 7: Moving On to identify simple change in the workforce
  • Year 8: The Real Game to introduce balancing a lifestyle
  • Year 9: The Reflections Programme to support Options choices
  • Year 10: The Expectations Programme to introduce the world of work and support students work experience placements
  • Year 11: The Horizons Programme to introduce financial planning and post 16 decision making.
  • Year 12: and 13 The Post-18 Pathways Programme to support future planning.

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