Dear Parent/Guardian

We have been aware for some time that it is very easy to gain access to the Fallibroome site compared to most other schools. While we value the open and friendly feel that this gives to our school, we are also conscious that this means that unwanted visitors can come onto the school grounds and even enter the school buildings unnoticed. The design of the school with our multiple buildings and entrances makes us particularly vulnerable in this respect. These concerns have led us to make a number of changes to our site and buildings in recent years, including:

  • Improved CCTV infrastructure
  • Installation of electronic locks on the gate to the Leisure Centre and on some other external doors
  • Repositioning of the visitors’ car park
  • Improved signing in processes, etc.

In reality, however, the only way to secure the school site adequately is to install improved gates and fencing. As the cost of such infrastructure has been prohibitive, we have been unable to fund this work and have instead worked with colleagues in the Fallibroome Trust to bid for external grants that would enable us to complete such a project. We were successful with such a bid earlier this year and consequently intend to complete this work in two phases over the next two-year period.

The first phase of this work has already started. This involves the installation of an automatic vehicle gate on the main school path along with some additional fencing. This gate will prevent vehicles from driving through the school site during the school day, although emergency access to the site will still be possible using an intercom that will be linked to our main reception desk. From Monday 25th November, it is our intention to keep this new gate closed during the school day between 8.25 am and 3.40 pm (3.25pm on Tuesdays). The second phase of this development will involve controlling pedestrian access to the school in a similar fashion, but this work will not commence until next year.

We are aware of a small number of families who need to be able to drive to the back of the school to pick up and drop off their children at the beginning and end of the school day. We will be issuing these families with coded fobs that will allow them to get through the automatic gates in the same way as a member of staff. Information about these special arrangements will be sent to these families shortly.

We have deliberately located the new gate so that parents can continue to use the turning circle if they need to do so during the school day. However, we ask parents not to use the turning circle immediately before or after school as the buses need to be able to move through this area at these times. Also, as large numbers of students typically walk through this car park at this time, the potential for an accident is significantly greater. We consequently ask parents not to use the turning circle between 8.30 am-9.00 am and between 3.00 pm-4.00 pm (2.45 pm-3.45 pm on Tuesdays).

We are particularly grateful for the support of the Trust in the grant bidding process as this has made this project possible.

Yours faithfully