Thursday 30th April 2020
Letter from Fallibroome Trust CEO

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

May I offer my welcome back message to those I am sure you have received from your school’s Headteacher and extend my best wishes for good health in these difficult times.

As we continue our provision into the summer term may I also record my thanks to our Heads, teachers and support staff who have sustained our service, in schools and for pupils at home over the past month. Our Headteachers meet weekly to share what is working well and respond to surveys. I am sure you have had their regular updates and guidance and the picture emerging from reflections across this country is: less is more; engagement is key; and a focus on retrieval and practice before developing new knowledge is advisable.

Many parents have asked for video lessons and we can recommend the BBC Bitesize Daily and National Oak National Academy resources as valuable additions to your teachers’ advice, in all Key Stages.

In the background the Trust continues to support schools on the administration of Government schemes and the regular routine of the school year such as the review of budgets and management of capital projects. We are also supporting revised Governors’ meetings and sharing understanding of the GCSE and A level grading proposals.

In response to recent news we are currently working together to manage the speculation about return to school. This is clearly not imminent and whenever the date is confirmed it is unlikely to be a return to school as we know it, with some form of phased or staggered start recently suggested by the Secretary of State. We will turn our attention to this in coming weeks and respond to Government guidance with three clear goals in mind: to minimise risk of infection, re-engage our learners and recover lost learning.

In the meantime, we are all finding ways to meet the challenges of lockdown. May I point all in our community to the archive of Mental Health support resources on the Trust website and encourage conversations with the person at school you most feel comfortable, if required.

Thank you for your continued resilience. We remain optimistic and adaptable to circumstances; this period of uncertainty will pass and the strength of our community, partnerships and mutual support will see us through.

With thanks to all who are providing support, through regular and innovative channels, and best wishes for good health.

Yours sincerely
P W Rubery
Chief Executive Officer