Budding sixth form artists spend the day exploring Manchester Art galleries…

On the 27th September 2018 Mr Vickers and Dr Smith took 18 A level Art students to the Whitworth Art gallery and Manchester Art Gallery.  The students interacted with artworks, drawing from them and completing a list of challenges they had been given to do during the day. We were also fortunate enough to receive free guided talks by gallery staff at both art galleries, where the backstory behind some key pieces were revealed to us.

Students produced a handmade sketchbook in preparation for the trip, and drew, painted and responded to artworks inside the gallery using their handmade sketchbooks to extend their coursework. A wide range of works from contemporary installation to traditional drawings, sculptures and prints were presented to students.

‘It was lovely to see how art changes over time and how people interpret different meanings from art.’

Connie Law

‘It was really good for getting inspiration from. There were so many artists with such a variety of techniques to choose from. Overall it was amazing!’

Jamey Hunt

‘I really enjoyed the mixture between the old and contemporary style art’

Shona Williams