Fallibroome Arts Brochure

Just under a year ago, Miss O’Connor and I starting talking about an alternative approach to the annual Dance Show. We both love the work of Matthew Bourne and his re-working of classical ballets into contemporary dance works – but we wanted something more accessible for our students; something that was more within their point of reference and so we finally agreed on “The Hunger Games”.

The film, originally a book by Suzanne Collins, has everything that you would want to see in a contemporary dance performance: the wealthy ruling class controlling and manipulating the poor ‘underclass’, combat, fighting, general guts and gore, a love triangle and, against all odds, the undercurrent of resistance and moral debate of right over wrong. “The Hunger Games” was the obvious choice and one that excited us!

Our production of “The Hunger Games” in January of this year featured students from every year group in the school – from students who spend most of their lives dancing, to those who are just starting out and take part in the weekly dance clubs. We were immensely proud of all of them. Their commitment and creativity was clearly evident in this year’s Dance Show.