Fallibroome Arts Brochure


Martha and Vi are twins. They grew up side by side, watching the stars, but recently they’ve drifted. Whilst Martha has stayed in their hometown, laying down roots, Vi’s been accross the globe training as an astronaut, preparing to launch herself into the unknown.

On the night before Vi blasts off, Martha has organised a party to send her off in style. She’s invited the whole village. She’s bought snacks and drinks and she’s making Vi a present to remind her of home, even in the blackness of space.

Launch Party is about ambition, and what makes a person successful. It’s about home, and how, whether we leave or stay, we carry a piece of it with us. It is told with a mixture of storytelling, scene work and live music.

Launch Party is a co-commission between Bucket club and Farnham Maltings suitable for ages 8+.