The auditions for the next Fallibroome Academy Perfoming Arts production, Sister Act, will take place in September. Please take note of the dates if you wish to take part in the auditions for the show. All the files and information you need for the auditions can be found on this page.

This year, the show promises to be one of our biggest and boldest ever!

Audition Dates

Years 7 & 8

Monday 11th September from 3.30pm to 5.30pm

  • Group Singing – ‘Raise Your Voice’
  • Group Dancing

Years 9 to 13

Wednesday 13th September from 3.30pm to 6pm

  • Group Singing – ‘Raise Your Voice’
  • Singing (Students must sing solo if they wish to be considered for a lead role)
  • Group Dancing
  • Group Acting (scripts will be provided at the auditions)

On Your Audition Day

Auditions will be done in a carousel. Once students have completed all workshops they will be free to leave.
Please register in The Foyer, change if you need to and make your way to the Performance Hall.
Wear appropriate clothing for dancing and please change before the audition starts (loose clothing or drama/dance kit are fine to wear)
Bring some water!
Audition carousels will start. Give it your best shot and have fun!

Audition Recalls
Any audition recalls will take place on Thursday 14th September.

Audition Pieces

I Could Be That Guy

Lady In The Long Black Dress

The Life I Never Led

Take Me To Heaven

Raise Your Voice

Lyrics and Scripts