Aspiring sixth form artists spend an entire day using clay to create wondrous ceramic sculptures…

On the 30th November 2017 Mr Vickers hosted all year 12 A level Art students in his classroom for the day to create 3D sculptures. These skilful objects were handcrafted individually by students inspired by their chosen themes and subject matter. The work of Stephen Dixon also inspired students to include tiled sections in their work. Ceramics expert Mr Vickers was on hand all day to guide students and give them specialist support, in addition to Miss Hodgkinson, our resident art expert, enthusiast and art technician.

“It gave us lots of time to explore our creative ideas”

Ava Hamer

“It was extremely productive”

Emily Wood

“I got a lot out of it. It’s hard to find words to express how worthwhile this opportunity was”

Aiden Wood

“This was one of the best learning experiences of the year.”

Mr Vickers

“Thanks to the staff that made this possible, Mr Vickers and Miss Hodgkinson and to the students for their fantastic efforts”

Miss Smith