The weather forecast for tomorrow suggests that we may have some snow. At the moment, it seems unlikely that this will be heavy.

We will do all we can to manage this situation so that the school opens as normal. Our site staff will be coming into school extra early to clear the site as necessary.

I will review the situation first thing in the morning. I am very reluctant to close the school in these circumstances though so please assume that we will be open. If we do need to close, we will post a message on our website. I will try to make this decision as early as possible. We are unlikely to be able to reach a decision before 8am though (as we will need information about the state of the site, transport links etc.).

If it is snowy / icy tomorrow, we will allow students to wear ‘appropriate footwear’ for the conditions (walking boots etc.). Please note, however, that items such as hoodies etc. remain unacceptable.

With regards,
Mr Power