Dear Parent/Guardian

As you will be aware, it is our Sports Day on Thursday 5th July.

In light of the expected hot weather, we have taken the decision to allow students, both competitors and spectators, to arrive to school in full PE kit and to stay in this kit throughout the day if they wish to do so. Please note, however, that they must wear the school’s PE kit and that general sports or leisure wear will not be acceptable. These arrangements are also optional – students can come to school in uniform if they prefer.

On the day there will be shelter areas and water stations available for students. Please can I also encourage your son/daughter to bring a water bottle with them, along with sun cream and a hat to protect them from the sun.

We are once again looking forward to a great day and we will return to normal uniform expectations on Friday. Students still do not need to wear their blazers in school until we send a further email to confirm this.

With thanks,

Mr Dale