Design has been my passion since school.   Over the years I have taught the full range of subjects in Design and Technology, even Food and Textiles.   However, it is designing in the workshop and graphic design that are the areas I enjoy teaching the most. There is no bigger buzz than designing and making something and seeing someone else use it.


  • Photoshop (obviously)
  • Fusion 360 and my 3D Printers.
  • Photography
  • Making presents for people on the laser cutter.
  • Teaching (most of the time!)
  • Listening to music (especially Eels and Lambchop)
  • Watching films (especially Fight Club)


  • People who say ‘I can’t draw’ (you just haven’t been taught/practised enough).
  • Quiet lessons.
  • Slices of lemon in a glass of Coke (why would you do that?).

My Favourite Products.



My ‘original’ iPod.  It might be big and bulky by today’s standards, but I loved it because it was a truly original product. It is very rarely that a product comes along that I just have to buy, no matter what the cost. The idea that I could carry my whole CD collection in my pocket blew my mind. It is very easy to take that for granted now. Before this you could only have one album at a time in your pocket. can you imagine that?


The Zippo Lighter.  I am not a pyromaniac.  But I love this product. It was designed over 80 years ago and there has been no need to change it. That is what I love about this product. You can still buy the same design that was on sale 80 years ago.  It does not need updating, it is a design classic. Try using your iPod in 80 years time!


Favourite Designer.

Dieter Rams.



He makes simple, beautiful products.  And massively inspired Jonny Ives’ design work for Apple.




But Remember…

“The things you own end up owning you”

-Tyler Durden