Before becoming a teacher I worked in industry making Submarines and Tanks. Since I started to teach I’ve taught all aspect of Design & Technology but I have to admit that Resistant Materials is my favourite. The satisfaction of watching something going from a pile of material to a great product is brilliant.


  • Those little pieces of lemon that they put in Coke.
  • Films that make you think. The Shawshank Redemption is the most outstanding film ever.
  • Teaching
  • Giving out Orange Slips. 😉


  • People who say they can’t do it before they’ve tried.
  • Quiet lessons, that said I don’t want them overly noisy.
  • People who complain in about slices of lemon in a glass of Coke.

My Favourite Products.


Alessi Juicy Salif Citrus-Squeezer

Truly iconic object and symbol not only of Philippe Starck but of Alessi itself, this citrus squeezer – as revolutionary as it is surprisingly functional. It was sketched in its essentials by Starck during a holiday by the sea in Italy, on a pizzeria napkin.


Jet Ski

The Yamaha XLT800 Jet Ski

There isn’t many way to describe it.  I say that it is brilliant and it gives Smiles for miles. It might not be the most powerful but it will still happily fly across the waves at 50 mph, that’s more than fast enough for me.

My thought provoking quote to those who’ve read down this far;

In the end, we just regret
the chances that we didn’t take.