I was born and bred in Cheshire and have been playing with electronics kits since the age of 5. I continued my interest and passion in the field through school and university then came into teaching via an engineering role with RailTrack.

I have led the Electronics Department since 2006 and also assist in the writing and development of the subject with the Welsh Exam Board. As well as teaching Electronics, I run the Outdoor Pursuits Department in the school.

Outside of school, I have been actively involved in the Scout Movement for as long as I can remember and I enjoy camping weekends and time with my family and friends.


Bright colours; loud music; having a laugh and I enjoy a good curry.


Socks; beige things; the word ‘can’t’ and green beans.


My Favourite Products.



A Land Rover Series III: 

It is a classic vehicle, but lets face it, you can go fast

in any car – I can go anywhere in a Landy!





       BBC MicroComputer: 

          This was the first computer I ever used, I spent hours

          on it coding my own games and messing around

          with it.




My first electronics kit: 

I started playing around with electronics when I was a boy who was given

an electronics kit. I spent hours building all of the different circuits in this

kit. If it were not for this kit, I would not have studied Electronics at GCSE

nor go on to study the subject at university – games have a lot to answer



My N64 and Goldeneye:

Another childhood favourite! I firmly believe that the N64 is still the best console system ever made. Goldeneye was, and is, my favourite game. It was ground breaking in every way – the multiplayer action was added as an after thought once the game had been completed – Nintendo remains a revolutionary company…click below to find out for yourself!


Finally, my Reef Flip Flops:Reef-Fanning-Sandal-Bottle-Opener

I don’t like socks, they are pointless. I also dislike shoelaces.

I am happiest in my rigger boots or these Reef flip flops – not only

are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn, they also have thirst aid

technology built in!



As much as I love the things I’ve listed, I always try to remember that …


“The things you own end up owning you”

-Tyler Durden


… so I believe that functionality comes first and aesthetics will always come second!!