Food at Fallibroome is a popular subject and enjoyed by all students. The emphasis is on developing student’s practical skills and their understanding of food as part of a healthy diet. All students have the opportunity to study Food at KS3. At KS4 students can opt to study GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition. At present we do not offer an A level qualification in this subject however, students can opt for the popular “Grub on a Grant” course as part of the Sixth form Curriculum Enrichment Programme.

Practical Lessons

Pupils receive a recipe book in their first lesson. For each practical lesson all equipment, tea towels etc. are provided by the school.

However, pupils are asked to bring;

  • Ingredients (dates can be found in the recipe book)
  • Apron
  • Airtight container

Useful Links

  • Food a Fact of Life
    Click onto the orange 11-16 tab, lots of useful information regarding all aspects of diet and healthy eating,
    produced in an imaginative and easy to read manner. Also includes recipes, podcasts, video clips and interactive activities.
  • NHS Choices
    You will need this website to complete to complete the research for your first homework. The Live well section has information on Health, Diet and Food Hygiene. You will fine video clips and interactive activities.
  • Nutrition Program
    You will have been given a user name in class and your password is Apple. This programme is easy to use and great for working out the nutrient content of both diets and recipes. It will also allow you to create a very professional food label for the Lasagne you make for your practical assessment.
  • Sensory analysis templates
    Particularly useful for Star Profiles, scroll down the page and you will find a section labelled Excel templates for star profiles

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