About the qualification

This is a totally new subject that is ideally suited to learners with a preference for practical, rather than theoretical learning.  These vocational qualifications fulfil entry requirements for academic and vocational study post-16, and will count as equivalent to one GCSE in the Key Stage 4.

Students who want to study materials in a practical way and understand the working properties of woods, metals and polymers will really enjoy this course. It will enable students to work in a hands-on way to develop the core skills to make high-quality products using woods, metals and polymers.

Students will have the opportunity to use traditional skills and also modern technologies.

This Technical Award in Materials Technology will help students develop the knowledge, skills and experience and could potentially open the door to a career in related industries.

What will I study?

Students complete three mandatory units across 120 guided learning hours.

Unit 1: Skills demonstration (internally assessed)

Students will carry out a number of bite-sized projects to demonstrate their competence in the 12 core skills outlined. This will include the transferable skill of teamwork and one of the mini projects should allow for this.  Students will produce a series of small made outcomes and record their work in a portfolio of no more than 12 pages.

Unit 2: Extended making project (internally assessed)

Students will undertake an extended making project that showcases the skills and knowledge they have developed in Unit 1 and the knowledge they have developed through Unit 3. The project will be in response to a brief.  Students will develop skills in planning and development, making, testing, evaluation and communication.

Unit 3: Fundamentals of Materials Technology (externally assessed)

Students will study materials and their working properties and learn about processes and manufacture.  They will gain knowledge of the applications and characteristics of a wide range of woods, metals and polymers and also learn about possible careers within industry.