This week, the Fallibroome Academy Performing Arts team received an appraisal of their work at the 2019 Shakespeare Schools Festival where they staged a production of The Tempest and the report highlighted the excellent work that had gone into the stunning performance.

I would like to extend my most sincere congratulations to Fallibroome Academy for your tremendous production of The Tempest as part of the 2019 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was an excellent night of theatre, and I’d like to highlight a few aspects that really stood out.

Your physical skills as an ensemble were showcased beautifully within this performance. You demonstrated an excellent understanding of stagecraft by using heightened physicality to create a world of mystery and magic on stage. Physically and vocally you achieved a professional level of synchronisation and every cast member fully committed to the work. The audience were completely enthralled throughout the entire performance due to the focus, and excellent team work which was crucial to sustaining this enchanting atmosphere. As an ensemble you seemed very in tune with each other and clearly enjoyed working together.

The magic of the Island was further enhanced through the use of live music and singing. This provided a soundtrack to the performance that was pitched perfectly to build a dream like state to frame the narrative arc of the story. All of this was executed beautifully.

All the young actors on stage had clear motivations and actions throughout the performance and spoke the language with total understanding, therefore communicating the story with total clarity to the audience.

Your commitment to the character work, gestures and ensemble reactions also heightened the comedic elements, which the audience loved…and so did I! You made really brave choices as actors, making this old tale completely fresh and exciting.

A bright and lively retelling that was turbulent and expertly tempered with creative and fluid artistic technique! A stunning portrayal! Thankyou!

Performing Shakespeare’s words on a professional stage takes bravery, resilience, and creativity. You should be immensely proud of what you and your teachers have achieved in this Season of Infinite Variety.

I hope to see Fallibroome Academy in the 2020 Festival!
Nuala Maguire

Congratulations to all involved in the production. This is further evidence of the incredible work put in by our Performing Arts students and staff.