A lot has happened since winning the Regional Finals in February. The teams spent hours redeveloping the robot and were offered another place in the finals due to another team dropping out. We had two robots that could compete, one that we had spent hours constructing and one with a simplistic design that we build over a few lunchtime sessions.

At the event, after passing the inspection, we started the Skills challenges. We went up and down the leader board many times and ended the competition in 17th and 18th place.

During the teamwork challenges, we finished in 15th and 16th place which qualified the team for the final stage of the knockout round. Due to where our teams had been placed, our two teams had to compete against each other. The teams practiced together, always getting a score of 35 in the minute allowed. However, during the match disaster struck and the grabber broke off one robot, rendering it useless, so the team only scored 9 points. The aim was to get 35 points, which would have secured 5th place in the UK, but instead the team was placed at a still impressive 9th place.

The team were disappointed with the result, however they were pleased with how far they had come through the regional heats, the national heats and the final knockout round. They were also very pleased and pleasantly surprised on how a small robot which was created so quickly could do so well.

Well done team and good luck for the next competition!