Over the next few weeks you will be studying about medieval medicine and the Black Death. You are going to produce a project about these topics. The instructions for your project are written below.

Make sure you read them carefully!


  1. Your project should have three chapters. These chapters are based around the research you have been doing in class. Each chapter should contain the answers from the key questions looked at in class. The chapters are:
    Why the death rate was so high in the Middle Ages? What were medieval living conditions like?

    What was medieval hygiene like?

    What forms of sanitation were there?

    Why did diseases spread so easily?

    Medieval doctors How did medieval doctors try to find out what was wrong with patients (diagnose)?

    What did medieval people believe caused diseases?

    How did medieval people try to cure diseases?

    The Black Death 1348-49 What were the different types of plague?

    How did the plague spread?

    When and where did it first appear in Britain?

    What did medieval people believe caused the disease?

    How did they try to prevent catching the plague?

    How did medieval people try to cure the plague?

    The links on the right hand column will guide you through what needs to be included in each chapter and provide links to useful websites were you may wish to do some extra research. They will also help you make a start in structuring your writing.

  2. Your project should also have:
    • A front cover – Your name, form and the title needs to be on this.
    • List of contents
    • Pictures and/or drawings to illustrate your work
    • A conclusion
  3. In order to complete your project to the best of your ability you should:
    • Use the notes you make in your lessons
    • Visit the LRC and use the resources there
    • Do your own research at home