After a record breaking set of results in 2018, we are delighted that this cohort of students has exceeded these achievements – all the more remarkable in the ever changing field of A level exams. The students’ hard work has once again paid off and our provisional analysis shows the following headline figures:

  • 9% of grades at A*
  • 34% at A*-A
  • 68% at A*-B
  • 91% A*-C
  • 100% at A*-E

23 students achieved at least 3 straight A grades or above. Jasmine Langley, Noah Seaborn, Kirsty Turpin and Abigail Wheeler achieved the remarkable achievement of A* grades in all their subjects, a particularly notable achievement given the increased demands of A levels. The school is delighted to celebrate over 70% of students achieving their first choice university places, including potentially two places at Cambridge. Students have gone on to study a wide range of subjects, from physiotherapy to law, engineering and sports science, to teaching and music. There has been great success in achieving places on the most competitive courses, including Veterinary Science (Joel Horner) and Medicine (Nomi Fischer, Jack Newby, Jasmine Langley and Abigail Wheeler). Students also secured places at leading conservatoires and specialist colleges, including Nathanael Horton at the Guildhall School of Music, Eleri MacLeod at Urdang, Abbie Drennan at Birmingham Conservatoire and Fraser Moran and Alistair Ford at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

There has been a significant interest in the growing programme of apprenticeships, and we are delighted to see students gaining places with the BBC, MDBA Business, Astra Zeneca, Deloittes, and the Civil Service.

Headteacher Francis Power said:

“Last year, we achieved 66% A*-B grades and 89% A*-C. While these results were both a record for the school, this year we have done even better with 68% A*-B and 92% A*-C! We are especially pleased by our ‘value-added’ performance as we have also set a new school record in this respect this year. This key measure demonstrates that students of all abilities and aptitudes made excellent progress during their time in our Sixth Form.
We have enjoyed celebrating these results with our students today and hearing about their exciting plans for their chosen university courses, professional apprenticeships, etc. We know how hard they have all worked to secure these excellent outcomes and we wish them all every success in the future. They all leave with our thanks for their contribution to Fallibroome during their time here and we look forward to hearing about their future achievements in the years to come.”

Mark Payne, the Director of Sixth Form commented:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this year’s cohort of students, who have brought great character, determination and commitment to their studies, as well as a willingness to support the school through mentoring and extracurricular programmes, and investing in the local community through a wide range of voluntary programmes. As ever, we will miss them!”

Fallibroome Trust CEO, Peter Rubery added:

“I’m delighted to add my congratulations to a remarkable cohort of students who have achieved a stunning set of individual and collective results. They have represented their school and Trust with distinction and leave with our thanks and best wishes for continued success as they pursue fascinating career options in the future.”

Sixth Form Results 2019

23 students achieved the remarkable outcome of 3 A*/As or more, including the following:

  • Allen, Rory AAA
  • Burns, Eric AAA*
  • Clark, Edward AAA
  • Costigan, Nathaniel AAA*
  • Fischer, Nomi AAA*
  • Gray, Anna AAA
  • Hammer, Eleanor AAA
  • Herschell, Timothy AA*A*
  • Hiscott, Sophie AAA
  • Horton, Nathanael AAA*
  • Howell, John AAA*
  • Jones, Theodore AAA
  • Langley, Jasmine A*A*A*
  • Mallard, Rhys AAA*
  • McNeil, Lauren AAA*
  • Newby, Jack AAA
  • Raja, Fawaz AA*A*
  • Seaborn, Noah A*A*A*A*
  • Storer, Emily AAA*
  • Turpin, Kirsty A*A*A*
  • Wakeford, Adam AAA*
  • Wallis, Annie A A*A*
  • Wheeler, Abigail A*A*A*

A Level Results 2019

F Aitchison 3(1); R Allen 3(1); I Armstrong 3; A Berges Vazquez 3(1); H Birkett 3; M Blackburn 3(1); L Brauckmann 3(1); E Bray 3; N Bridgett 3(1); C Broadhurst 3(1); H Brown 3(1); M Browne 3(1); E Burns 3(1); L Burns 3(1); P Butler 3(1); J Buxton 3(1); R Carter 3(1); E Cash 3(1); C Chalcroft 3; A Chamberlain 3(1); E Clark 3(1); J Clarke 3; D Corner 3(1); M Corness 3(1); N Costigan 3(1); O Courtney 3; C Cresswell 3; S Crump 3(1); J de Sousa 3(1); G Dickens 3(1); K Dobrowolska 3(1); A Drennan 3(1); J Duckworth 3(1); Z Dunn 3(1); M Easterby 3(1); N Fischer 3(1); R Flint 3(1); A Ford 3; C Funnell 3(1); L Furmston 3(1); O Gilmore 3; G Goddard 3(1); M Goodwin 3(1); E Gorton 3; M Gould 3(1); A Gray 3(1); L Gruber 3(1); A Hamer 3(1); E Hammer 3(1); L Hatton 3(1); C Heathcote 3(1); J Heginbotham 3; T Herschell 3(2); Z Hibbert 3(1); G Hine 3(1); P Hinton 3(1); S Hiscott 3(1); J Horner 3(1); N Horton 3(1); J Howell 3(1); J Hunter 1; T Hurst 3; N Johns 3(1); N Johnson 3; O Johnson 3; E Kersh 3(1); U Khan 5; C Kirkland 3(1); J Langley 3(1); C Lee 3(1); J Leigh 3; E Lewis 3(1); E Macleod 3(1); R Mallard 3(1); E McBride 3(1); R McGlone 3(1); L McNeil 3(1); J Meredith 3(1); S Miller 3(1); A Mohammed 3(1); F Moran 3(1); I Muncaster 3(1); A Munsch 3(1); H Murgatroyd 3(1); R Nesbit 3(1); T Neupane 3; J Newby 3(1); D Noble 3(1); D Norbury 3(1); E Oates 5(1); K Odedra 3(1); M O’Hara 3; F O’Neill 3(1); A Palmer 3(1); B Palmer 3(1); S Panton 3(1); A Pearce 3; A Pearson 3(1); C Prendergast 3(1); F Raja 3(1); A Rowley 3(1); N Seaborn 4; A Sisson 3(1); B Smith 3(1); L Staniland 3(1); E Storer 3(1); A Sudweeks 3; N Sumalde 3(1); E Thomas 3(1); J Thomas 3(1); A Thompson 3(1); B Topham 3(1); K Turpin 3(1); F Tyson 3(1); A Wakeford 3(1); A Wallis 3(1); E Wallis 3(1); A Walsh 3; T Ward 3(1); L Watkins 3; A Wheeler 3(1); A White 3; E Wilson 3; E Wood 3(1); J Wood 3(1); J Wood 3(1); L Wood 3(1); H Xu 3(1).

Sixth Form Open EVening for entry September 2020 will be held on Thursday 16th January 2020 from 6pm to 8.30pm.